Borea FF

borea tape application machine

Automatic tape application machine Borea FF – Friction feeder

This kind of feeder is very useful or sometimes indispensable, when working with irregular shapes (e.g. boxes) or a second passage on a product is required, or a small format. Also when the run is long, continuous running is more effective.


Possible jobs

  • Posters of different kind:

Possible jobs BOREA POSTERS

  • Courier envelopes and special envelopes: 

Possible jobs BOREA Envelopes with tape

  • Stripes, promotional items, and so on:

Possible jobs BOREA Prmotional items


Technical specifications:

  • Format max open: 760 x 1000 mm
  • Format min. open: 140 x 240 mm
  • Paper weight: from 90 to 400 gr
  • Register table located before the double side tape head applicators.



Borea with a friction feeder